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Day 1: The What, Why and Who

Understanding their pain

Bladder Pain Syndrome:

  • the pathogenesis, aetiology and epidemiology bits you need to know
  • why differential medical diagnosis matters
  • how to use bladder diaries effectively
  • why outcome measures are your friend


#HeroSkills lab 1 – how not to be a bear, touch, pelvic floor and perineal mapping

#ClinicalNinja Subjective Assessments – the body language of the unarmed, listening to their story and finding the clues to their healing

#HeroSkills practical - adjunctive treatments that work (and are fun)


Day 2: The How

The thinking pelvis – the how and why of neurocentric treatments, GMI, sensory integration and desensitisation

Getting your hands on - Myofascial release (?), all the other things we do to patients that help and why they work

#HeroSkills lab 2 – internal treatment approaches & use of the wand

Objective assessment skills – eliminating bears, challenging expectations with movement and touch

Being cognitively flexible – bringing it all together in one package of healing & resilience

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