Privacy and Data Use


I am a….


….UK patient of Jilly Bond

Initially I ask for your name, address, date of birth, mobile phone number and email. This is to set up a new physiotherapy record and to ensure that it is specific to you – many people have the same first and surnames so we use your date of birth to make sure that only information relevant to you is saved on your file. Secondly, we use this information to make sure that we can remind you of your upcoming appointment, contact you should we need to move your appointment, and send information to you relevant to your specific physiotherapy treatment.

You will also be asked how you prefer to be contacted. You can remove your consent for us to contact you at any time. As an HCPC and CSP Chartered Physiotherapist I have a legal obligation to maintain records of your physiotherapy sessions, my observations and the treatment I have provided you. These cannot be deleted upon request as in very rare circumstances the governing bodies stated can ask to view them in the future. We are required to keep records for eight years from the date of last treatment for adults and for eight years after their 18 birthday or until 25 years of age for children.

After your first assessment we write a letter sent through the Royal Mail post to your GP with details of your assessment, any treatment provided and our plan for future treatment. This is a usual medical courtesy to ensure that all the health professionals involved in your care are up to date with what is happening and the plan for your rehabilitation. You will be asked for your consent for this at your first session and can also ask for a copy of the letter. You can also decline consent for details to be sent to your GP. You can request a copy of the data held about you at any time, free of charge. Once we have verified your identity this will be provided within 28 days. If you notice any inaccuracies in the data we hold about you, you can ask for this to be amended. During your rehabilitation you will be asked to verify that your contact and personal details are correct.


……Physiotherapist booked onto a weekend course

At the point of signing up to attend a weekend course you provide us with your name and contact details so that we can contact you with information about attending the course of your choice. You also provide us with any food allergies so that we can organise a scrumptious – and non-lethal – lunch each day of the course. This data arrives at a password protected email address and is transferred to a password protected spreadsheet held on a password protected laptop stored securely in a safe when not in use. A copy of this password protected file is also made monthly and held on an external hard drive held securely in a safe.

During the course you will also be asked to sign a consent form for the gathering of further data – namely photographs and videos of course content that you appear in. This data is primarily used to support your learning experience; videos of lectures during the weekend are posted in a secure Facebook group for participants of all the courses to watch. Participants can choose to join the closed Facebook group or not. You may choose to appear in the videos recorded during the weekend course or your voice may be audible. If you decline this at the beginning of the course no data is created or held that contains your image or voice. Participants also create videos during the course which are fed back to the Facebook group as a whole for further learning. Videos and photographs made during the weekend may also be used for promotion online or in print. You can revoke your consent at any time for your data to be used, and it will not. The data regarding your name, which course you attended and brief details given at the start including any allergies is kept for ten years following the course to ensure that should you request confirmation of your attendance for your continuing professional development file I am able ot provide it, and in case I need to contact you regarding any data breach.

You can request a copy of the data held about you at any time, free of charge. Once we have verified your identity this will be provided within 28 days. During the course you will be asked to verify that we have the correct email address for you. You can also request that your data is deleted. In this case your name only will be held for 10 years to ensure that we can verify your attendance on the course for both your own continuing professional development and for our processes – for example ensuring that you have attended the stage 1 course before you apply to attend stage 2.


….person signed up to your Newsletter

I collect your name and email address to be able to send you a regular newsletter of all the new things happening with Jilly Bond Physiotherapy & Education. This data is stored in a MailChimp account that is password protected. You can cancel your subscription at any time by following the link at the bottom of the newsletter. This data is only held as long as you consent to continuing to receive newsletters.
You can request a copy of the data held about you at any time, free of charge. Once we have verified your identity this will be provided within 28 days.